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The majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest is a sight to behold.  From the mountain ranges to the dense forests, rivers, waterfalls, and plains, from the Puget Sound or to the Pacific Ocean, it holds a mystery that longs to be explored.  Like the dainty tendrils of an unfolding fern, or the distinct smell of the evergreens in the wind it speaks of something alive, wild, and free.

My Pacific Northwest Collection reflects the color and beauty of this wonderful region and my hope would be that as you hold a mug of coffee or enjoy a warm bowl of soup the sights, sounds, and smells of home will embrace you. Mossy greens, ferns, evergreens, pinecones, wildflowers, or in some cases, 22k gold accents adorn each piece in this collection.

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handmade pottery mug on a rock

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