Megelise Handmade Pottery brings the beauty of handmade art into your home. From mugs to bowls, to pitchers and vases, customers love Megelise’s vibrant colors and individually handcrafted designs.

French Farmhouse

Grassy hills, sun drenched romance, and beauty amidst the ordinary. This is the essence of my French Farmhouse collection.  Soft blues, breaking to russet at the edges, creamy white tones and delicate hydrangea blossoms grace these lovingly hand-crafted vessels.

Pacific Northwest

My Pacific Northwest Collection reflects the color and beauty of this wonderful region and my hope would be that as you hold a mug of coffee or enjoy a warm bowl of soup the sights, sounds, and smells of home will embrace you. Mossy greens, ferns, and evergreens, adorn each piece.


These beautifully hand painted floral pieces remind of me of wandering through a field of wildflowers at dusk, fully immersed in the intimate beauty of nature. With deep, vibrant colors, and a flowing pattern of peonies, this collection adds a lot of “wow” factor to your table.


My tableware pieces endeavor to bring a light, bright, and fun addition to your everyday uses.  Each piece is handmade with care, food safe, and can be used in the microwave or dishwasher.  However, as with any special and delicate item, handwashing is the kinder option. 

handmade pottery mug on a rock

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