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I’m Megan Elise, an artist from Tacoma, Washington, where I live with my wonderful husband, Josh, and our cats.  Being born and raised in the glorious Puget Sound region of Washington State has given me a deep appreciation for the beauty of the nature that surrounds us here. I have always loved creative expression, and it was clear from a young age that I have a particular style that is all my own.  Whether drawing, painting, or playing the piano, I am most content when engaging in the arts.

Growing up, my mom loved pottery, and we had lots of handmade pieces.  She even took us to pick out our own dinnerware from a local potter.  I remember walking around admiring the different pieces,  glaze colors and combinations, and being absolutely fascinated as I watched a man working at a potter’s wheel.  Fun side note, my mom happened to take pottery classes while she was pregnant with me, so perhaps pottery was already in my DNA! 

I began my love affair with pottery in the fall of 2013, when I started taking lessons at Throwing Mud Gallery in Old Town, Tacoma, under the experienced direction of potter Mark Hudak.  Though it took lots of patience, practice, and skill, pottery seemed like a natural fit.  It combined my love of creation with my love of decoration. I was hooked and there was no going back! 

Taking a chunk of mud, a piece of earth, and pulling and shaping it into something that didn’t exist before is incredibly fulfilling.  I am not a production potter, but rather make things in small batches.  My hands lovingly craft and adorn each piece.  I think of each vessel as a piece of functional artwork, designed to be admired and enjoyed; a way to share a little bit of beauty with others.


handmade pottery mug on a rock

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